Wolf Cuff

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Custom designed leather WolfCuff anklets

With the design of the WolfCuff Anklets I am truly opening a new chapter for the company and fashion world and it's exciting to step in this uncharted territory. While for me either gold or silver anklets were always too fragile, and a tattoo is permanent, the WolfCuff-Anklets offer a solid and beautiful alternative as ankle accessory.

The natural stingray and alligator are unisex and can be worn by men or women. Designs with multiple choices of Swarovsky Crystals and precious stones are the true choice for the stylish fashion woman in search for the new.


1" wide brown alligator with beautiful pattern.

Model as shown: $129


1¼" wide genuine stingray with unique center pattern. (Unisex)

Model as shown $129


Small alligator tail (width varies 1¼" to 1½") available in tan, brown and black. (Unisex)

Brown Model as shown $149


1¼" wide stingray, here center design framed in with clear crystals and blue sapphire in center.

Model as shown: $189


1½" wide mahogany alligator and white cobra with deep purple and clear crystals. (Unisex)

Model as shown: $229




Use a tape measure, string, or fold a standard 8½ x 11 sheet of paper length-wise twice.  Form a wristband snug but not too tight around your ankle and make a pencil mark where the paper overlaps.  Measure the distance to that mark in inches.

We will add 5/8" to 3/4" to that measurement depending upon model for comfort.

Please insure correct measurement, as your Wolf Cuff will be crafted according to the length you specify.

Your Wolf Cuff will arrive wrapped in a suede cloth which is the best way to store your cuff when your not wearing it.

Also included is a sample of our Cuff Care cream, which you should apply weekly or monthly (depending upon wear) which will keep the Wolf Cuff leather flexible and maintain its appearance.

Leather is a natural material and therefore variations in color and texture is an inherent attribute. Additionally, differences in computer monitor color display settings can alter the appearance of the images you see displayed. Your cuffs may not be exactly as they appear on your screen.